by: Rapunzel

“Do you know why I chose him and left?” I asked. He nodded. “I am ambitious, selfish and self-serving…but why? Why would you still want me back?” I screamed the words while shaking him. “Why wouldn’t you let me go? Please. Just. Let. Me. Gooooo.” I begged. He is still not saying anything. His tears are streaming down his face.

“Because I love you.” His words in between sobs. “I love you. I don’t care about anything. I just love you so much.”

What happens next was a scene from a movie. He hugged me from behind while I squirmed in protest. It wasn’t right. It just wasn’t right cause I was already in a relationship with the other guy.

I met the other guy on travel. It was my first time in a long distance relationship, away from him. It was hard. Being on different sides of the globe magnifies his lack of initiative.

On my first few weekend, I would always wait for his messages which were often missing. And everyday, I would turn on my Skype hoping he’d say hi or hello or asked me how I’ve been. N.O.T.H.I.N.G! I feel neglected and unmissed. What’s worst is that his work is at night which means it is day time in my part of the world. But he didn’t bother.


It was Saturday. Another Saturday of hoping & waiting for his call. “I’m going to the park, you wanna tag along?” The message in FB says. I pouted my lips. Why was I invited?

“Your friends are coming so I thought you’d like it too.” He added, as if answering my question.

That was the start.

The other guy would bring me to places. Exchanged childhood stories. Smiled and laughed at each other’s past relationship. And most of all, he would listen to my whines about him, telling me to understand and widen my views. Everyday and every night he would messaged me a greeting. It wasn’t long before we became the subject of everybody’s teasing. But I didn’t mind. I was very firm about my feelings or so I thought. I had someone. He’s just nice. Guess, I was too naive and didn’t know much about myself yet.

Then just like every 3rd party story, it all happened so fast. But unlike regular 3rd party story, the guys were good. And because they were, the ending was different.

Want to share your crazy experiences, feelings and confessions? Feel free to submit here!

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