Featured Creator of the Month: WilbvrPatrik

The creative world is vast and the iNCRediBloggers club has expanded its scope from bloggers only to vloggers and social media creators. This year, the club will be choosing a creator who's been active and excelled well on his/her content every month. Without further ado, ladies and gents, say hello to Patty or WilbvrPatrick! Tell … Continue reading Featured Creator of the Month: WilbvrPatrik

Trolls-Themed NCR Trick or Treat 2017

It’s the time of the year again where the office becomes a center of colorful and festive decorations and hundreds of cute children wear their best Halloween costume and tour around for sweet treats! NCR Cebu Development Center, Inc. has recently concluded its Trick or Treat 2017 with a day of fun, color, thrills, and … Continue reading Trolls-Themed NCR Trick or Treat 2017

To The Right One That God Told Me To Wait For

What is the epitome of love? Find it out here.

With Love, Gams

In this world of 7 billion people living in 196 countries with 6,500 spoken languages—I know you are out there. To the man God has for me—you’re one of the beautiful things I look forward to see in the future. You’re the right one that God told me to pray and wait for.

I want to confess to you—I am no perfect woman. I am flawed. I have scars hidden inside my chest. Traces that I once fell in love and got my heart broken. I did have my share of bitterness in this broken world. I got used to the pain that the wrong love had caused me. It numbed my heart to a point where I can feel nothing anymore. I was living in the shadow of despair.Then I lost hope of finding love.

But things changed when God started to fix my heart to Jesus. I started…

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MotorBike Tour in Cebu @ Nite

Check out Simple Lyve’s First Blog Post! This road trip is quiet kewl!

Simple Lyve

Celebrating simple lyve in cebu at night is very fun, especially kung mag momotor ka. You have lots of options where to go, like going to churches, cafes, resorts, restaurants, bars, spa, at marami pang iba.

It is also another way of dating, celebrating monthsaries, anniversaries, or other way of hanging out with friends to stay away from boredom. This will make you feel that you are having your own world.

We all know that driving a motorbike in cebu is very dangerous and risky, pero just make sure lang na your helmets are on and your motorbike is in good condition. Of course, make sure to have enough fuel para tuloy tuloy lang ang byahe.

Heto ang ilan sa mga trip namin! Let’s go!

We started our trip by 6pm and fist stop is MABOLO CHURCH.

Mabolo Church Mabolo Church

MABOLO CHURCH is so solemn and full of lights. We…

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Short #211

Check out Birisbiris’ latest installment of his “Short” series.



I fear heights.


I was just plain conservative, too cautious even, that I would never get the courage to hop on a carnival ride. Then there was the Ferris wheel. I’ve been to one and always I could recall how stiff I was.

You just bought two tickets. I guess there’s no backing out. With paranoia running through my head I must keep calm. I could at least try not to ruin the night.

The car started rolling up as inhibitions crept from my feet. Counting the turns wasn’t helpful – it just made each cycle longer. Until you stole my focus. A glance at you made everything worthwhile. You could have been smiling as I was concealing my fear. I was smiling as I see you have accepted my weakness.

That, in a sense, told me you could be there at every points in my life: the highs…

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First NCR Rapid Chess Tournament kicks off

by NCR Grandmasters 08/01/2017 – On the first day of the NCR Rapid Chess Tournament, an exciting battle played out as the NCR Grandmaster players went head-to-head. John Paul Aliganga, Rodolfo A Nacu Jr., and Maria Aimee Tiu dominated the first two matches of the tournament. The NCR Rapid Chess Tournament runs from August 1 … Continue reading First NCR Rapid Chess Tournament kicks off

Featured Blogger of the Month: Getting to Know Travelosio

Our featured blogger of the month is one of the most amazing travel bloggers in the club. In fact, she achieved worldwide awards and recognition. She was also seen in various publications such as Manila Bulletin, Wonderful Indonesia, Wandering Thailand and a lot more! The list isn't enough to state her credentials because she's that … Continue reading Featured Blogger of the Month: Getting to Know Travelosio

Eating Tago-angkan and Wasay-wasay in Bantayan for the First Time!

Contributed by: Four-eyed Laagan I never thought that I’d gonna be doing this. This is going to be my first to write about food on my blog. It’s been over a year since I started Four-eyed Laagan and never a single entry about food was in here. Simply because I’m really not good at describing … Continue reading Eating Tago-angkan and Wasay-wasay in Bantayan for the First Time!

Top 5 countries every tea lover should visit

Are you a Tea Lover? This post is perfect for you!


Next to water, tea is the most popular non-alcoholic drink in the world. There are millions who swear by its revitalizing properties, aroma and the unbeatable satisfaction a cup of tea gives. Most of us who reach out for our favorite cup are not aware that there are over a thousand varieties of teas in the world. So, where to go to have the best tea of your life?

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